Our 9 month program has three semesters, divided into three months each

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1 – Life skills.

Before we start building new lives, we need to ensure that we look at the foundation. Life skills teach, hygiene, diet, health, worthiness, people skills, value systems, we look at destructive behaviors and dependencies.

Often a bad life experiences or history or upbringing result in people not believing in themselves, in their own value as a contributing human being. We hold hands with professionals in the field to look at each person’s challenges as an individual to ensure the best chance at making real individual change


2 – General Entrepreneurial skills.

Next we teach basic business skills. The entrepreneurship short courses are general and not industry specific.

It covers basics in Computers and Internet, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Sales. Our volunteers range in expertise from stay at home mum to CEO in pin stripe suit with a heart to make a difference.


3 – Industry Specific Business Start Up

The third semester is about gaining specific industry experience. We run short courses and on job shadowing with companies in their fields. Industries vary, Construction, Health, Safety, Hospitality, Services, Real Estate, Gardening, Design, Curios, Gifting, Production, Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, Ecommerce.

After the final term we help the candidates to either start up their own micro / small ventures or we help place them with applicable vacancies  We apply a needs based and skills based approach to creating an eco system whereby CSI budgets fill needs within the donor companies


If you would like to join our program as a mentor, life coach, potential candidate or more, please contact us